Crumb- Ice Melt

Crumb- Ice Melt

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Label: Crumb

Released 4/30/21

Crumb's second album, Ice Melt, takes its name from the coarse blend of salts that you can buy from your local hardware store for $9.99. When sprinkled on your wintry steps, this mixture absorbs water and gives off heat, transforming the ice into a viscous, briney slush and, eventually, nothing at all. Beginning with the dynamic chaos of "Up & Down," and ending with Crumb's closest thing to a lullaby, Ice Melt' s ten tracks combine, like ice sculptures melting into a glistening puddle.

Track listing:

  1. Up & Down
  2. BNR
  3. Seeds
  4. L.A
  5. Gone
  6. Retreat!
  7. Trophy
  8. Balloon
  9. Tunnel (All That You Had)
  10. Ice Melt