Crumb- Jinx

Crumb- Jinx

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Label: Crumb

Released 6/14/19

In June 2019, CRUMB will release Jinx, their first full-length album and best distillation to date of their singular blend of psych-rock and jazz. On Jinx, Ramani continues to helm the songwriting, with Aronow, Brotter, and Gilad each bringing distinctive ideas to match her ethereal, intimate vocals and luminous guitar lines. Informed by two years of nearly non-stop touring, the songs sweep and swell to capture the beguiling live spirit of CRUMB shows, while taking listeners one step further down the band's dizzying, hypnotic path. CRUMB is the collaboration of Brooklyn-based musicians Lila Ramani (guitar, vocals), Brian Aronow (synth, keys, sax), Jesse Brotter (bass), and Jonathan Gilad (drums).

Track Listing:

  1. Cracking
  2. Nina
  3. Ghostride
  4. Fall Down
  5. M.R
  6. The Letter
  7. Part III
  8. And It Never Ends
  9. Faces
  10. Jinx