Cub Scout Bowling Pins- Clang Clang Ho

Cub Scout Bowling Pins- Clang Clang Ho

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Label: Guided By Voices

Released 8/13/2021

Cub Scout Bowling Pins hop in the “Magic Taxi”, turn on the AM radio and time travel forty to forty-five years back in time. The project is mysteriously presented, but it’s a thinly-veiled alias of the ridiculously prolific and talented Guided By Voices. Minus the usual punk and prog influences, there are strong whiffs of bubble gum, psych and soft rock with sugary doses of ornate baroque pop. Long renowned scholars of rock, the Ohio players have occasionally worn their influences on their sleeves, but this time they seemingly have their jackets on inside out.

Track listing:

  1. Magic Taxi
  2. Flip Flop World
  3. Casino Hair Wife
  4. Ride My Earthmobile
  5. Schoolmaster Bones
  6. Eggs, Mother?
  7. Strange Walk Home
  8. Nova Mona
  9. The Telegraph Hill Gazette
  10. Everybody Loves a Baboon
  11. © 1 2 3
  12. Sister Slam Dance
  13. It's Marbles
  14. Space Invader
  15. Human Car
  16. Competitor
  17. She Cannot Know
  18. We
  19. Roll Up Your Nose
  20. What Crawls Also Flies Over