Czarface- Czar Noir
Czarface- Czar Noir
Czarface- Czar Noir

Czarface- Czar Noir

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Label: Silver Age, LLC

Reissued 1/12/2024, Originally released 2021

Czarface delivers a fresh action adventure in the form of a Czarface comic, Czar Noir, packaged with an exclusive vinyl soundtrack, this time boasting 3 new bonus tracks. In the spirit of the highly sought-after Power Records series from the ‘70s, you can read along with the comic and hear the story come to life on vinyl. This all-new action-packed full color Czarface escapade comes with musical accompaniment by DJ 7L & the Czar-Keys. There’s death, destruction, mayhem and high drama– Czar Noir.

Track listing:

Dark Side

  1. Czarface Theme 3099
  2. Winged Fingers
  3. Voyage Dans Le Temps
  4. She Could Use Another Friend
  5. Rise Of Czar Noir

Light Side

  1. Avant-Czar
  2. Czarbot 1 Theme
  3. Gas Trick
  4. Pedestrians Run
  5. Fights Are Like That
  6. Dzzzt!