Czarface- The Odd Czar Against Us

Czarface- The Odd Czar Against Us

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Label: Silver Age

Released 11/29/19


Odds are that you’ll love this one: The Odd Czar Against Us is a 12 track album from CZARFACE debuting on RSD Black Friday.

Bored with beating down the regular bad guys, Czarface takes his cosmic reach and sonic superpowers to uncharted territory. Expect the unexpected and keep your head on a swivel, as Czarface returns fresh for 2025, yet in time for RSD Black Friday 2019. Debuting at record stores on an exclusive colored vinyl pressing, housed in a jacket featuring an exclusive variant cover.

Track Listing:

  1. Bizarro
  2. Call Me
  3. The Gift That Keeps On...
  4. Me's Company
  5. Dear Computer (feat. Kendra Morris)
  6. Burrito
  7. Brother Czarquis
  8. Couch
  9. Double Dragon
  10. The Problem With Frank
  11. Dog
  12. Czartis Gilmore (The Cool Down)