Dag Nasty- Can I Say

Dag Nasty- Can I Say

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Label: Dischord

Reissued, Originally released 1991

DAG NASTY kept roaring D.C.-styled hardcore alive during the mid-'80s. Although the group was more accessible and melodic than Minor Threat, they never lost their bracing, blistering edge. Formed by former-MINOR THREAT and MEATMEN guitarist Brian Baker and ex-DYS vocalist Dave Smalley, DAG NASTY recorded their first album, Can I Say (1986), with D.C.-punk guru Ian MacKaye assisting on the production.

Track listing:

  1. Values Here
  2. One To Two
  3. Circles
  4. Thin Line
  5. Justification
  6. What Now?
  7. I've Heard
  8. Under Your Influence
  9. Can I Say
  10. Never Go Back