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Dahinda- Dahinda

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Label: Self Released

Released 2019

DAHINDA is a five-piece rock band hailing from Normal, IL. Formed in the fall of 2017, DAHINDA got to work writing what would be the first songs any of the five members had ever recorded- together, or separately. With very different musical tastes, the band came together to create the amalgamation of each of the members’ styles. The self-titled album showcases these styles, ranging from acoustic indie rock on “Reach” to the heavier, bass guitar-centric “Dawn”. Recorded locally at EMG Labs in Bloomington; “Maybe Not” and “Dawn” recorded by Nick Gizzi in Normal.

Track listing:

  1. Dawn
  2. Maybe Not
  3. Reach
  4. Tinder Song
  5. Going Up, Going Down
  6. Letter
  7. Lucid Dreams
  8. Broken Records