Dan Hubbard- Livin' In The Heartland

Dan Hubbard- Livin' In The Heartland

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Label: Dead Letter

Released 2013

With his foundation in the classic sounds of TOM PETTY, VAN MORRISON, NEIL YOUNG and JACKSON BROWNE, HUBBARD carries songs of love, loss and soul searching (and occasionally getting drunk enough to forget it all). Like the influential front-men before him, HUBBARD delivers a message that people can relate to in good times and bad. HUBBARD’s latest project, a solo effort entitled Livin’ in The Heartland, is an album he describes as “an opportunity to get back to basics.”  “I grew up on acoustic music,” HUBBARD explains, “so occasionally I have the desire to strip everything away and let the songs stand on their own.  It’s my best work so far, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”  Livin in the Heartland is set to release on Dead Letter Records in September 2013 with a Fall Tour to follow.

Track listing:

  1. Intro 
  2. Livin' in the Heartland 
  3. Heaven in my Backyard 
  4. Zoë 
  5. I've Been There 
  6. Maybe Someday 
  7. Interlude 
  8. I'm Your Man 
  9. The List 
  10. Ben 
  11. I Will Not Forget This Place 
  12. It's Always Somethin' 
  13. Outro