Danava- Nothing But Nothing

Danava- Nothing But Nothing

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Label: Tee Pee

Released 5/5/2023

German Import

Rising from the depths of hell with fury and rage, Danava return with the release Nothing But Nothing, a devastating soundtrack for the inevitable decline of western civilization. Formed in 2003, Danava has delivered a sound that incorporates hard rock, heavy metal and a fire forged in the spirit of Iommi and Schenker. Their scorched earth approach has blazed brightly over psychedelic metal solos, glam-rock flair, fretboard wizardry and a white line fever reminiscent of Lemmy at his most lethal.

Track listing:

  1. Nothing But Nothing
  2. Let The Good Times Kill
  3. Season of Vengeance 
  4. Enchanted Villain
  5. At Midnight You Die
  6. Strange Killer
  7. Nuthin But Nuthin
  8. Čas