Darkthrone- Eternal Hails
Darkthrone- Eternal Hails

Darkthrone- Eternal Hails

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Label: Peaceville

Released 6/25/2021

Norwegian legends Darkthrone will be releasing a new studio album of epic black heavy metal called Eternal Hails on 6/25. With the highly revered Norwegians remaining ever-dedicated to the art of the riff after 35 years of existence, Darkthrone return for album number nineteen and a new dose of metallic godliness. On the back of 2019’s triumphant ‘Old Star’ opus, the duo of Nocturno Culto & Fenriz present a 41-minute maelstrom of Epic Black Heavy Metal across five sprawling compositions. Organic and dynamic, the album is an exploration of the very finest vintage metal and the best of doom, all delivered in the unmistakable Darkthrone style, whilst also incorporating instruments such as the Moog to further expand upon these soundscapes.

Track listing:

  1. His Master's Voice
  2. Hate Cloak
  3. Wake of the Awakened
  4. Voyage to a North Pole Adrift
  5. Lost Arcane City of Uppakra