Darkthrone- Thulcandra

Darkthrone- Thulcandra

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Label: Peaceville

Reissued 5/26/2023, Originally released 1988

THE EARLIEST RECORDINGS OF THE NORWEGIAN LEGENDS FROM THEIR FORMATIVE YEARS. PRESENTED ON BLACK VINYL. ‘Thulcandra’, contains the first 3 releases under the name of Darkthrone, namely the ‘Land Of Frost’ demo (1988), the ‘A New Dimension’ promo which was also released in 1988 (& first to feature the legendary early line-up of Gylve Nagell, Ted Skjellum, Ivar Enger & Dag Nilsen) &, last but not least, the ‘Thulcandra’ demo itself (1989). Combined together, this offers a clear demonstration of the quick development of a band very much in their aspiring, formative years, but with a growing maturity for their craft & already an eclectic sphere of influences.

Track listing:

Last Of Frost Demo 1988

  1. Land Of Frost
  2. Winds Of Triton
  3. Forest Of Darkness
  4. Odyssey Of Freedom
  5. Day Of The Dead

A New Dimension Promo 1988

  1. Intro: Twilight Dimension
  2. Snowfall

Thulcandra Demo 1989

  1. Eon Thulcandra
  2. Archipelago