David Bowie- The Buddha Of Suburbia

David Bowie- The Buddha Of Suburbia

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Label: Parlophone

Reissued 8/5/2022

Toy was recorded following David's Glastonbury 2000 performance. Bowie entered the studio with his band to record new interpretations of songs he'd first recorded from 1964-1971. The plan was to record the album "old school" with the band playing live, choose the best takes and then release it as soon as humanly possible. Unfortunately, in 2001 the concept of the "surprise drop" album release and the technology to support it were still quite a few years off, making it impossible to release Toy at the time.

Track listing:

  1. Leon Takes Us Outside
  2. Buddha of Suburbia
  3. Sex and the Church
  4. South Horizon
  5. The Mysteries
  6. Bleed Like a Craze, Dad
  7. Strangers When We Meet
  8. Dead Against It
  9. Untitled No. 1
  10. Ian Fish, U.K. Heir
  11. Buddha of Suburbia