David J.- V For Vendetta: Grande Edition

David J.- V For Vendetta: Grande Edition

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Label: Glass Modern

Reissued 2019, originally released 1984

The 1984 Glass Records EP by David J of the original soundtrack to the graphic novel V For Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. The original four tracks are expanded to nine for this issue -- three from the 2006 CD reissue, and two brand new tracks arranged by electronic composer Tim Newman especially for this release. "Ballet On The Burning Stage" is like a V For Vendetta symphony condensed into seven minutes and the other, "The Present", features the voice of Alan Moore himself. Remastered and expanded. Sleeve notes by David J; Comes in die cut sleeve with inner bag; 180 gram vinyl; Crimson vinyl.

Track Listing:

  1. Overture 3:11
  2. This Vicious Cabaret 3:23
  3. Song From The Kitty Kat Kellar 5:13
  4. Ballet On The Burning Stage 7:02  
  5. V’s Theme (Intro) 2:19
  6. Incidental 7:26
  7. V’s Theme (Outro) 1:24
  8. The Present 2:05
  9. This Vicious Cabaret (Original Demo) 3:44