Dead Meadow- Live at Roadburn 2011

Dead Meadow- Live at Roadburn 2011

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Label: Roadburn Productions

Released 4/9/21

Maybe it’s 2020’s effect of making one extra nostalgic for live music, the festival spirit, but the intervening nine years have done nothing to dull the luster that Dead Meadow show on Live at Roadburn 2011. I can only speak as someone who was fortunate enough to be there to see it, but that set was something special, and not just because of the ‘squatch. Dead Meadow sounded glad to be there, like they were rising to the occasion, like they realized it was more than just another gig, and Live at Roadburn 2011 resonates all the more for documenting that so well. • Recorded at Roadburn Festival 2011 • Mixed and mastered by Marcel van de Vondervoort 

Track listing:

  1. Good Moanin
  2. Let's Jump In 
  3. What Needs Must Be
  4. Indian Bones 
  5. September 
  6. Rocky Mountain High
  7. Beyond The Fields We Know 
  8. At Her Open Door 
  9. Sleepy Silver Door