Death of Lovers- The Acrobat

Death of Lovers- The Acrobat

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Label: Dais

Released 11/24/17

Since the 2014 release of Philly outfit Death of Lover's acclaimed debut EP "Buried Under a World of Roses", many wondered if a full length follow-up for the band was even possible - largely due to the extensive touring schedule of Domenic, Nick, and Kyle's other band: Nothing. "The Acrobat" represents the new vision and direction that Death of Lovers has created.

The first single "The Absolute", the band wrestles with the topics of selfishness and greed - "All in all is trembling fear - bound to fall on bludgeoned bell rung ears. A senseless world of worth, deceived by needing, and the crow who perches on your tongue - reminding you it won't be too long." "Lowly People" is the band's answer to PULP's "Common People", cast through the lens of their own upbringing: the streets of Kensington, Philly - where "Broken glass shimmers like the stars, summer air breeds a certain violence." Somehow, The Acrobat achieves warm familiarity while sounding completely new. While the tracks could easily have been included on the soundtrack to every one of your favorite 80s films, there is a fresh perspective and process evident in the songwriting that rewrites the "post-punk" rulebook.

Track Listing:

  1. Orphans Of The Smog
  2. Here Lies
  3. Ursula In B Major
  4. The Lowly People
  5. Perfect History
  6. Quai D'Orsay
  7. Divine Song
  8. The Absolute