Decapitated Lovers- 3 Song 12"

Decapitated Lovers- 3 Song 12"

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Label: L.G. 

Reissued 3/3/2023

DECAPITATED LOVERS was a short lived Washington D.C. side project from the late 1990’s that featured MYRA POWER (SLANT 6) on guitar and shirtless local she-thug SPECK BROWN on drums, along with AARON MONTAIGNE (HEROIN, ANTIOCH ARROW), ANDY CORONADO (MONORCHID), and the elusive North Carolina prop-comic PAUL SWANSON aka “CARROT-BOTTOM” (IN/HUMANITY) who each took turns filling various duties within the group. The band never practiced all together at the same time and played only once at a not-so-legendary birthday party for Allison Wolfe in her urine soaked living room sometime in 1998. Recorded under forgotten circumstances, the demo has been fermenting patiently for 25 years on a dubbed-over copy of Fidelity Jones’s 1989 masterpiece Piltdown Lad. Unearthed by the band after a quarter century, LG Records is proud as can be to present this lost “gem.” The rediscovery of the Decapitated Lovers’ hard-core demonic cranium-crushing yet easy going sound will finally legitimize the historically overlooked and underrepresented DC punk scene on the grand musical chessboard and put the city on the map once and for all. Perchance. Pressed on 200-gram one-sided 45 RPM 12” vinyl and housed in a sturdy tip-on style cardboard jacket and printed inner sleeve.

Track listing:

  1. All Sin
  2. I'm Gonna Fuck You
  3. Devil's Sting