Deeper- Careful!
Deeper- Careful!
Deeper- Careful!

Deeper- Careful!

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Label: Sub Pop

Released 9/8/2023

Deeper! Careful! is their Sub Pop debut, third overall, and will be released on September 8 on a limited smog Loser Edition LP, CD and cassette. You may recognize elements of The Cars, Television and Low-era David Bowie on this new album along with their familiar energetic rock music. If you were a fan of the band's previous album, Auto-Pain, fear not, for this is at it's heart, a Deeper album, but with expanded influences and sounds.

Track listing:

  1. Build A Bridge
  2. Heat Lamp
  3. Glare
  4. Tele
  5. Bite
  6. Pilsen 4th
  7. Sub
  8. Fame 
  9. Everynight
  10. Airplane Air
  11. devil-loc
  12. Dualbass
  13. Pressure