Deerhoof- Milkman
Deerhoof- Milkman

Deerhoof- Milkman

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Label: Polyvinyl

Reissued 2022, Originally released 2004

Their sixth album. With its outrageous, almost indescribable sounds -- somewhere between OUTKAST and Cats -- Milk Man is Deerhoof's most classic and audaciously forward-looking creation. Repeated listens reveal something that sets it along such timeless concept albums as THE KINKS' Village Green Preservation Society,"Duke Ellington's Mood Indigo, and ZZ Top's Eliminator. (If we're comparing it to ZZ TOP, you know it's gotta be good.) These San Franciscan poster-children-for-dreamers claim BECK, YO LA TENGO, STEPHEN MALKMUS, and SONIC YOUTH as fans. Eternally hip.

Track listing:

  1. Milk Man
  2. Giga Dance
  3. Desaparecere
  4. Rainbow Silhouette of the Milky Rain
  5. Dream Wanderer's Tune
  6. Milking
  7. C
  8. Dog on the Sidewalk
  9. That Big Orange Sun Run Over Speed Light
  10. Song of Sorn
  11. New Sneakers