Digitalism - Mirage

Digitalism - Mirage

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Label: Pias

Release: May 13, 2016

German duo DIGITALISM, who broke out in 2007 at the height of the modern dance-punk and nu-rave scenes with the ‘80s tinged dance floor slayer “Idealism,” return with their third studio album, Mirage. Following the trajectory of 2011’s I Love You Dude, Mirage has less of an edgy post-punk aesthetic, skewing toward the poppier side of the spectrum but still incorporating a wide range of influences and moods, spanning euphoric radio-friendly electronic pop and guttural dancefloor bangers with equal aplomb. Expect a diverse range of musical concepts on Mirage, from upbeat rock crossover to flowery, elaborate, 12-minute synth explorations. Single “Utopia” has been earning the right kind of attention, with dance doyen Pete Tong selecting it as his “Essential New Tune.”

Track Listing:

A1 Arena 3:02
A2 Battlecry 4:19
A3 Go Time 5:08
A4 Utopia 6:38
B1 Destination Breakdown 7:44
B2 Power Station 4:25
B3 Open Waters 4:54
B4 The Ism 2:50
C1 Dynamo 5:17
C2 Indigo Skies 4:15
C3 Mirage (Part 1) 7:26
D1 Mirage (Part 2) 5:10
D2 Shangri-La 3:42
D3 No Cash 5:50
D4 Blink 5:46