Dil Withers- Studies

Dil Withers- Studies

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Label: Grand Garden

Released 10/7/16

Dil Withers has been making noise ever since his emergence in 2013 on a split tape with Ohbliv (Dil 'Blivers). Residing in Seattle, WA, Dil has been thriving in the town's rich vinyl scene, soaking up all that he can. Jazz heavy loops with dusty drums is Dil's calling card. Studies is an audio collage of samples, drums, vocals, thoughts and feelings. As Dil studies the game, he takes notes, waiting for his time to shine. His time has come.

Track Listing:

  1. -
  2. Irmão
  3. Flor
  4. Drift
  5. Jit
  6. Mãmao
  7. Blee
  8. Guess
  9. So
  10. Freq (FT. Tuamie)
  11. Nu
  12. II (Ystrdae)
  13. '
  14. Não (FT. Melanie Charles Aka D'flower)
  15. Jobim
  16. Bom
  17. ~
  18. Slaps
  19. Walk
  20. Leaves
  21. Bop
  22. Pi-A-No
  23. Drowning (FT. Porter Ray)