Dilated Peoples- The Platform

Dilated Peoples- The Platform

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Label: Get On Down

Released 5/5/17

On the West Coast, gangsta rap held sway in hip-hop as the 21st century began. The alternative and conscious rap music of the early-to-mid-90s had all but faded into the underground. The scene was set for a comeback, perhaps as a backlash to the perceived violence and misogyny of gangsta rap's content. Leading the resurgence of alternative hip-hop were groups like JURASSIC 5, and recent signees to Capitol Records; a West coast trio that had been building steam underground since the early 90s called DILATED PEOPLES. Since its 2000 release this influential record, which heralded the return of alternative hip-hop, has never seen a vinyl reissue. With that, Get On Down-always on top of giving the greatest hip-hop albums their due-is proud to present this re-release of The Platform. The rhymes are still fresh, the production is still pristine, and the album is now back on vinyl for the first time in 17 years.

Track Listing:

  1. So May I Introduce to You
  2. The Platform
  3. No Retreat - B Real
  4. Guaranteed
  5. Right on - the Alkaholiks
  6. The Main Event
  7. Service
  8. Ear Drums Pop
  9. Years in the Making
  10. Annihilation
  11. Expanding Man
  12. The Last Line of Defense
  13. Triple Optics
  14. The Shape of Things to Come - Aceyalone
  15. Work the Angels
  16. Ear Drums Pop (Remix) - Planet Asia