Dinner- Three EPs

Dinner- Three EPs

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Label: Captured Tracks

Released 2015

Dinner is the alias for Danish singer and producer Anders Rhedin. Since 2012, Dinner has released two EPs (Girl and You Are Like LA) and a guided meditation tape. This Fall, in collaboration with Texas label Red Eye Transit, we will be releasing his latest effort Oui!, a four-track EP that serves as a powerful introduction to this idiosyncratic musician. Dinner's songs seem to be inspired by his own life "in the lyrics you find references to cities, parties and girls (the latter sometimes referred to as the divine feminine). Dinner himself claims that All the songs are about death and transcendence.

Track Listing:

  1. Going Out - 4:00
  2. Skid Row - 3:24
  3. 3rd Presence - 3:43
  4. Dawn Is Here
  5. Overtake - 3:28
  6. This Girl - 3:53
  7. Girl - 3:33
  8. Ok, Alright (Late Night Vocal Version) 4:16
  9. Say What You Want (Soft Version)
  10. Say What You Want (Love Is Death) (Soft Version) - 3:15
  11. Stone Town (Berlin Mix) - 4:01