Doom- Rush Hour Of The Gods

Doom- Rush Hour Of The Gods

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Label: Agipunk / Sonarize

Reissued 10/8/2021, Originally released 1996

The twin guitar masterpiece of 90’s crust, a seminal album from Doom at the top of their game. Repressed for the first time in a decade and housed in a deluxe Tip-On sleeve with a 24” x 36” poster and a double sided 12” x 24” insert.

Track listing:

  1. Feel Good Factor 
  2. Death Lock 
  3. Lo♥e Song 
  4. Subvertise 
  5. Keep It Ⓐngry 
  6. National Lobotomy 
  7. Thanatophobia 
  8. 教祖ラッシュ 
  9. Amphetamine Tortoise
  10. Joke's On You 
  11. P.V.S.