Downcast- Tell Me I'm Alive

Downcast- Tell Me I'm Alive

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Label: Ebullition

Released 2020

30 years ago Ebullition came into existence when we released the Downcast 7” with No Answers #10.  Downcast was a key ingredient in Ebullition’s beginning.  Brent, the Downcast guitarist, drew the Ebullition logo and Downcast played a major part in creating the ideology that would define Ebullition.  When Downcast broke up they left unrecorded songs on the table.  “Tell Me I Am Alive” picks those unrecorded songs up, and also moves forward with a whole set of brand new Downcast tracks; 10 tracks in total.  This LP is not about the past, however, it is about now and the future.  It picks up where the debut Downcast LP left off and continues pushing their sound forward both musically and politically. Ebullition is ecstatic to be releasing this LP in 2020.  This is the sort of LP that Ebullition was created to release. Amazing. This isn’t light music. Downcast gets its weight from its style and its substance. This might not be for everyone, and that’s just fine. But, as both activism and hatred rise again and a new generation faces menacing uncertainties, this is exactly the weight that the current cultural moment requires.

Track Listing:

  1. From The Body
  2. Expectationless
  3. Nature Of A Gun
  4. Four Arrows
  5. Hiding In The Limbs
  6. Price
  7. Mayday
  8. The Response From White America
  9. Sandpaper (A Song For Still Life)
  10. The World He Promised To Katherine