Drive-By Truckers- American Band

Drive-By Truckers- American Band

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Label: ATO

Released 2016

Limited red vinyl LP pressing including bonus seven inch single. 2016 release. On the 20th anniversary of being a band, DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS return with an urgent and timely protest album, made for our times, and in particular this election year. Songwriters Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley have made an epic statement and what NPR Music says " very well might be their greatest album." DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS are based in Athens, GA though two out of five current members (Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley) are originally from The Shoals region of Northern Alabama, and the band strongly identifies with Alabama. The band currently consists of Cooley (lead vocals, guitar, banjo), Hood (lead vocals, guitar), Brad Morgan (drums), Jay Gonzalez (keys/guitar/accordion/backing vocals) and Matt Patton (bass guitar).

Track listing:

  1. Ramon Casiano
  2. Darkened Flags on the Cusp of Dawn
  3. Surrender Under Protest
  4. Guns of Umpqua
  5. Filthy and Fried
  6. Sun Don't Shine
  7. Kinky Hypocrite
  8. Ever South
  9. What It Means
  10. Once They Banned Imagine
  11. Baggage