Dwarves- Invented Rock & Roll

Dwarves- Invented Rock & Roll

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Label: Greedy

Released 2014

Returning to their hard edged roots and Cali punk label Recess, the Dwarves reinvent themselves once again. Stand out tracks include Sluts of the USA, Anything You Want and Gentleman Blag. Stoner rock legend Nick Oliveri takes lead vocals on Bleed Alright, while veteran Sgt. Saltpeter pens the pop classic Trailer Trash.

Track listing:

  1. Hate Rock
  2. Bleed Alright
  3. Trailer Trash
  4. Kings of the World
  5. Fiction
  6. Sluts of the USA
  7. Gentleman Blag
  8. Irresistible
  9. Armageddon Party
  10. Get Up & Get High
  11. Dead on the Floor
  12. Fun to Try
  13. Who I Am
  14. Anything You Want
  15. Unpredictable
  16. Hate Rock (Clean)
  17. Sluts of the USA (Instrumental)