El-P- Fantastic Damage

El-P- Fantastic Damage

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Label: Fat Possum

Reissued 2022, Originally released 2002

The Fantastic Damage album from COMPANY FLOW founder, RUN THE JEWELS member and one of hip hop's most respected figures, EL-P. Sixteen groundbreaking and inventive tracks of unparalleled lyricism rocked with cyborg funk, melodic vapor trails, and groove-pumping beats. Features appearances by AESOP ROCK, ILL BILL, VAST AIRE, MR. LIF, CAMU TAO, DJ ABILITIES and others. "Fantastic Damage picks up where Company Flow left off—slamming jagged boom baps into computer crash squeals, like the score for a Blade Runner sequel set in Brooklyn."—SPIN

Track Listing:

  1. Fantastic Damage 
  2. Squeegee Man Shooting
  3. Deep Space 9mm
  4. Tuned Mass Damper
  5. Dead Disnee
  6. DeLorean
  7. Truancy
  8. The Nang, The Front, The Bush & The Shit
  9. Accidents Don't Happen
  10. Stepfather Factory
  11. T.O.J.
  12. Dr. Hellno And The Praying Mantus
  13. Lazerfaces' Warning
  14. Innocent Leader
  15. Constellation Funk
  16. Blood