Electric Chairs- So Many Ways

Electric Chairs- So Many Ways

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Label: Soul Jazz

Reissued 2/2/2024, Originally released 1979

UK Import

Electric Chairs’ ‘So Many Ways’ is post-punk/funk at its height in 1979 – tough rhythms, avant-garde and addictively hypnotic. Two hard to find bomb tunes! // Superb exact reproduction of this excellent post-punk/funk mini-masterpiece by the Electric Chairs, who were Wayne/Jayne County and the Electric Chairs until Wayne/Jayne County true to their own song Fucked Off. The Electric Chairs included in their line-up Henry Padovani who joined the group after being chucked out of a new band called The Police (replaced by Andy Summers). // But it is the production skills of David Cunningham which sets this apart from most punk/post-punk singles. At the time Cunningham was working with a stunning array of avant-garde artists including This Heat, Michael Nyman, David Toop and his own ‘experimental pop group’ The Flying Lizards. // Both sides of this little-known 45 are stunning – ‘So many Ways’ and ‘J’Attends Les Marines’. // Electric Chair’s 'So Many Ways’ features on Soul Jazz Records' Punk 45 'I'm A Mess'.

Track listing:

  1. So Many Ways
  2. J'Attends Les Marines