Electric Funeral- Total Funeral
Electric Funeral- Total Funeral

Electric Funeral- Total Funeral

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Label: Southern Lord

Released 2014

EVERY GODDAMNED FILTHY FUCKING TRACK EVER RECORDED BY ELECTRIC FUNERAL! CRUSTY, RAGING D-BEAT/RAW PUNK! 53 DISGUSTING TRACKS IN TOTAL! "Total Funeral" compiles all cassettes, 7"s etc.. that ELECTRCIC FUNERAL ever recorded. ELECTRIC FUNERAL hail from Sweden, and is the one-man noise assault by Jocke of Warvictims, Paranoid, D-Beat Raw Punk label etc..) TOTAL DISCHARGE, WARCRY, DISCLOSE, GLOOM, FRAMIDT etc... etc.. WORSHIP.   “ELECTRIC FUNERAL’s sound is a metallic wall of filthy distortion, full of dis-passion ..this is loud, dirty & raw without a doubt, but what makes them so killer is that they still retain this layer of blackened groove to their tunes, On every song, the guitars turn out distorted riffs of death.

Track listing:

Harvester Of Death

  1. I Am The Dead 
  2. F.O.A.D. 
  3. You're Next... 
  4. Scorched Earth 
  5. Haunted By Ghosts

Make Noise Not War

  1. Make Noise Not War 
  2. Up The Nature 
  3. Worldwide Genocide 
  4. Chemical Lobotomy 
  5. Where The Sun Never Shines 
  6. You Pray To Nothing

Split / Go Filth Go

  1. The Truth 
  2. War Is Hell 
  3. Shut Down

D-Beat Noise Attack

  1. Hellish Afterworld 
  2. End Of All Life 
  3. Next Generation 
  4. Bomb Raid 
  5. D-Beat Noise Attack 
  6. Equal Slaves 
  7. Destroy And Rebuild 
  8. Fight Back

The Face Of War

  1. The Face Of War


  1. Poisoned Mind
  2. Never Obey

Make A Change

  1. War Face 
  2. Consuming Shit 
  3. Raped System 
  4. Selling Death 
  5. Make A Change 
  6. Nightmares 
  7. Human Error 
  8. Wake Up And React


  1. Distortion Of Sense 
  2. Winter In The North 
  3. No Masters, No Gods 
  4. Never Give Up 
  5. Killers 
  6. As The World Disappears 
  7. Crash The Pose 
  8. Raised On (Punk) Rock

In League With Darkness

  1. Realities Of Hell 
  2. Terror, Pain And Sorrow 
  3. Stagnation Means Death 
  4. Die / Hate / Cry

Order From Disorder

  1. Void Of Life 
  2. Abandon By Hope 
  3. What Is Real? 
  4. Order From Disorder 
  5. Rewind / Erase 
  6. Queen (Among Angels)

Unreleased Part 2

  1. Death March
  2. Revenge