Elvin Jones- Genesis
Elvin Jones- Genesis

Elvin Jones- Genesis

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Label: Blue Note / Third Man

Reissued 10/6/2023, Originally released 1971

Elvin Jones, one of the true great drummers in jazz, recorded this album in 1971 after having led his own band for several years following his immortal work with the John Coltrane Quartet. This unique recording has a spacious feel with plenty of room for the players to work out the melodic compositions created by the members of the group. At times the recording creates an almost cinematic space, yet always propelling forward into unexpected territory. No pandering to contemporary tastes at this date or following the trends of the time, this is simply a great example of mature musicians given the freedom to create their own vision and place in time. Saxophonists Frank Foster and Dave Liebman instruments intertwine in a spellbinding way with opportunities to showcase Jones' incredible virtuosity as a drummer. An album that reveals itself to the listener slowly with new delights every time it's removed from the jacket.

Track listing:

  1. P. P. Phoenix 
  2. For All The Other Times 
  3. Slumber 
  4. Three Card Molly 
  5. Cecilia Is Love