Empath- Active Listening: Night On Earth

Empath- Active Listening: Night On Earth

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Label: Fat Possum

Released 2019

EMPATH goes far beyond the sound of birds faintly chirping. They’re a band that writes songs like communing with nature, bringing all their fuzzed and tripped out idiosyncrasies into harmony. Empath began in 2016 when Garrett Koloski, Emily "Jem" Shanahan, and Catherine Elicson moved into a house in West Philadelphia together, with Randall Coon joining shortly after. Even with the simple vision to shred, there’s a natural sensitivity in the way EMPATH communicates. Between the contrast of Elicson’s lush, almost delicate vocals, Koloski’s boisterous drumming, and the half-harmonious wash of guitar and Shanahan and Coon’s synths, Empath equips us with a healthy dose of emotional repose. The noise punk band broke onto the national scene with the release of Liberating Guilt and Fear EP with renowned DIY Philly punk label Get Better Records in 2018 which drew praise from Pitchfork, NPR, FADER, Rolling Stone and more, being compared to acts such as BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE, SONIC YOUTH, TIMES NEW VIKING, NEW AGE and PRIESTS. The lead single “The Eye” was deemed “Best New Track” by Pitchfork and EMPATH was tagged as a rising artist in the US indie music scene.

Track Listing:

  1. Soft Shape 3:00
  2. Pure Intent 4:10
  3. Hanging Out of Cars 3:18
  4. Roses That Cry 3:49
  5. Rowing 2:17
  6. Heaven 0:57
  7. IV 3:21
  8. Decor 2:27
  9. Rodeo Fever 3:50