Empath- Visitor

Empath- Visitor

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Label: Fat Possum

Released 2/18/2022

On Visitor, Empath sought to one-up the range of sounds heard on their previous album. During what he calls West Philly Christmas (the week undergrads at UPenn move out and leave piles of high-quality garbage out on the street) Randall Coon recovered a suitcase organ with a sound bank from a Jamiroquai record preset on it, which he later played on the album, in addition to running samples on Ableton and acquiring a brand new synth; Jem Shanahan, who plays a ‘90s children’s keyboard, had Portrait filter it in such a way that it sounded “less childlike”; Catherine Elicson’s vocals, buried deep in the mix on Active Listening: Night on Earth, take center stage; and Garrett Koloski’s drums are as capacious as they might be in a live set. Visitor attempts to fill space, both physical and psychic, visible and invisible. 

Track listing:

  1. Genius of Evil
  2. Born 100 Times
  3. Diamond Eyelids
  4. Passing Strangers
  5. Corner of Surprise
  6. House + Universe
  7. Elvis Comeback
  8. 80S
  9. V
  10. Bell
  11. Paradise