Ennio Morricone- Crime

Ennio Morricone- Crime

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Label: Klimt

Reissued 4/8/2022

French Import

Easily one of the most prolific film composers of all time, Ennio Morricone enjoys a revered status in the world of eccentric music lovers second to no other. While he is probably best known for his unmistakable music in Sergio Leone's Man with No Name trilogy, much of his work has been of a subtler and somewhat less broadly accessible variety. Because of this, his oeuvre represents a treasure trove for film music lovers, and now, with Crime Klimt label have made available some of the quirkier gems from among a diverse catalog.

Track listing:

  1. Giorno Di Notte
  2. Astratto
  3. Corsa Sui Tetti
  4. Ric Happening
  5. Memento
  6. Ricreazione Divertita
  7. Studio Di Colore
  8. Forza G (Quella Donna)
  9. Placcaggio
  10. Seguita
  11. Postludio Alla Terza Moglie
  12. L'uccello Con Le Piume Di Cristallo
  13. Il Buio
  14. Rapimento in Campo Aperto
  15. Le Fotografie
  16. Spiriti
  17. Ninna Nanna Per Adulteri
  18. Astrazione Con Ritmo