Envy- Seimei

Envy- Seimei

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Label: Temporary Residence Limited

Released 3/3/2023

Nearly 3 years after their hugely acclaimed last album, The Fallen Crimson, envy will release their new EP, Seimei, on November 9, 2022. Seimei contains 3 songs: "Seimei", "Zanshin" and "Yamayura" It is a title that entrusts the word "Seimei" to the usual way of life that awaits us, finding a small hope in the dark passage of time. Recording and mixing for Seimei was handled by Takaaki Mino – of the Japanese band, toe – creating a natural yet intense sound. The artwork is by Cris Crude – of beloved American screamo band, pg.99 – who also made the art for envy's "Alnair In August" single (2018).

Track listing:

  1. Seimei
  2. Zanshin
  3. Tamayura