Erase Errata- Lost Weekend

Erase Errata- Lost Weekend

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Label: Under the Sun

Released 1/20/15

In 2012, the funky aunts of no wave psych rock ERASE ERRATA reunited for a weekend in the Midwest to hang with old friends, play shows and record, all thanks to the Mission Creek Music Festival Artist-in-Residence program. Jenny Hoyston, Ellie Erickson and Bianca Sparta, who live in three different cities, arranged to meet in the sleepy, hawk-eyed town of Iowa City, where they took up residence at producer/engineer Luke Tweedy’s Flat Black Studios. After a day of improvising, the band selected seven pieces to flesh out for posterity. Lost Weekend is the result, the fourth full-length release for these spaced-out road veterans who’ve produced weirdo music since 1999.

Track Listing:

  1. History of Handclaps
  2. In Death I Suffer
  3. My Life in Shadows
  4. Scattered Means
  5. Watch Your Language
  6. Galveston, Dark Tides
  7. Another Reason to Arrest & Imprison The "Free"