Erasure- Wonderland

Erasure- Wonderland

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Label: Intervention / Mute

Reissued 2016, originally released 1986

Following the disbandment of the short-lived synth pop group YAZOO, former DEPECHE MODE member Vince Clarke formed ERASURE in 1985 with singer Andy Bell. Like YAZOO and DEPECHE MODE, ERASURE were a synth-based group, but they had stronger dance inclinations, as well as a sharper, more accessible sense of pop songcraft, than either of Clarke's previous bands. Furthermore, ERASURE had the flamboyantly eccentric Andy Bell -- one of the first openly gay performers in pop music -- as their focal point. Bell's keening, high voice and exaggerated sense of theatrically became the band's defining image. In their native Britain, ERASURE were successful from their inception. After a few years, the duo achieved commercial success in America, but they remained, in essence, a cult band on both sides of the Atlantic, cultivating a dedicated fan base over the course of their career.

Track Listing:

  1. Who Needs Love Like That 3:16
  2. Reunion 3:21
  3. Cry So Easy 3:34  
  4. Senseless 3:24
  5. Heavenly Action 3:26
  6. Say What 3:54
  7. Love Is A Loser 3:01
  8. March On Down The Line 3:42
  9. My Heart... So Blue 4:27
  10. Oh L'Amour 3:24