Eric Copeland- Ms Pretzel

Eric Copeland- Ms Pretzel

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Label: DFA

Released 12/2/14

Twelve inch vinyl pressing. MS PRETZEL is a 2014 four-song, EP by Eric Copeland (Black Dice, Terrestrial Tones), the first since his 2013 solo DFA Records debut Joke in the Hole. Exploring the same sonic territories as the album did, MS PRETZEL takes the artist's outsider fascination with 4/4 Dance music and twists it yet again. It is the sound of Copeland throwing a wobbly dance party in a junkyard, and DFA is excited to help host this gritty event.

Track Listing:

  1. Ms Pretzel 05:51
  2. SXIXO 03:02
  3. Scum Of The Cream 03:57
  4. A1EZOK 06:11