Erra- Erra

Erra- Erra

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Label: UNFD

Released 3/19/21

Determination and steadfast dedication have defined Erra's path, forging a unique connection with an ever-growing audience, without the advantages of traditional recognition. Monumental riffs and enchanting melodies litter the cerebral, immersive soundscapes powering each of the progressive metal merchant's albums, culminating in a career-defining fifth, boldly self-titled Erra. As their music finds the balance between the crushingly heavy and the headily melodic, it's members seek to find harmony between the needs of the individual and the natural flow of this shared reality. Erra, as a band of brothers and creative force, strive to live in alignment with the present moment. Erra, the album, represents redemption for the band, who emerged from the creative process with renewed focus, confidence, and certainty of self.

Track Listing:

  1. Snowblood
  2. Gungrave
  3. Divisionary
  4. House Of Glass
  5. Shadow Autonomous
  6. Electric Twilight
  7. Scorpion Hymn
  8. Lunar Halo
  9. Vanish Canvas
  10. Eidolon
  11. Remnant
  12. Memory Fiction