Eyeless In Gaza- Caught In Flux

Eyeless In Gaza- Caught In Flux

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Label: Spittle

Reissued 8/13/2021, Originally released 1981

Italian Import

Spittle Records present a reissue of Eyeless In Gaza's Caught In Flux, originally released in 1981. Inspired by a weird mixture between Aldous Huxley's visionary work and some biblical myths, Eyeless In Gaza, (formed in 1980) are one of the most original and creative bands emerging from the early '80s British post-punk scene. An intimate duo line-up featuring Martyn Bates (vocals, guitar, organ) and Peter Becker (drums, bass, synth). Caught In Flux originally released in 1981 on Cherry Red and reissued here in its original format LP+12" is their second album. The result of a one-take studio session with no overdubs. A perfectly balanced combination of various elements arising from post-punk, art rock, ambient music, and psychedelia. This was an important step towards a form of music where all these influences were organically integrated into a highly purified sound experience.

Track listing:

  1. The Eyes Of Beautiful Losers
  2. Still Air 
  3. Out From The Day-To-Day 
  4. True Colour 
  5. Keynote Inertia 
  6. Sixth Sense 
  7. Point You 
  8. Voice From The Tracks 
  9. Scale Amiss 
  10. The Decoration 
  11. Continual 
  12. Soul On Thin Ice 
  13. Rose Petal Knot 
  14. Skeletal Framework 
  15. See Red 
  16. Half Light 
  17. Every Which Way