Fast Forward / T Cells- Split

Fast Forward / T Cells- Split

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Label: Three One G

Released 2004

FAST FORWARD were formed in 1999 in Los Angeles, and are known for their controversial live shows, as well as their mysterious members' ties to NAZTI SKINZ, WRANGLER BRUTES, THE LOCUST, and LE SHOK. Their sound fits along the CHROME and CHRISTIAN DEATH lines. T CELLS are from Long Beach, and also feature members of LOCUST, NATZI SKINZ, LE SHOK, and the DISTRACTION. Their music is of the lo-fi electronic variety of pulsing noise p

Track Listing:

  1. Fast Forward - Hate Is Growing
  2. Fast Forward - Insomnia
  3. Fast Forward - Race Relations
  4. Fast Forward - M.O.
  5. Fast Forward - My Struggle
  6. T Cells - Deformed
  7. T Cells - Finger In The Socket
  8. T Cells - Maserati Whup Me B5 T Cells Drunken
  9. T Cells - Whup Me
  10. T Cells - Drunken