Fields Of The Nephilim- The Nephilim
Fields Of The Nephilim- The Nephilim

Fields Of The Nephilim- The Nephilim

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Label: Beggar's Banquet

Reissued 10/20/2023, Originally released 1988

Formed in 1984, Fields of the Nephilim is the creation of vocalist and front man Carl McCoy. Highly influential, especially in the world of goth, but also within the metal and electronic genres, their legacy endures to this day. You can hear their influence on bands like Swans, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Explosions In The Sky, Wolves in The Throne Room, Behemoth and more. The Nephilim was recorded in a former courthouse in the Somerset countryside where defendants who were sentenced to death were hung. “Moonchild” is the band’s best known song due to it reaching #28 in the UK single charts, and LouderSound called it a classic and said that it “perfectly encapsulates this era of the band: it has some nifty guitar work, great bass lines from Tony Pettitt, Nod’s stellar drumming and McCoy’s distinctive vocals.” The song is named after a novel by Aleister Crowley, and there are several other nods to Crowley throughout The Nephilim.

Track listing:

  1. Endemoniada
  2. The Watchman
  3. Phobia
  4. Moonchild
  5. Chord Of Souls
  6. Celebrate
  7. Love Under Will
  8. Last Exit For The Lost