Flaccid- Foreplay

Flaccid- Foreplay

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Label: Self-Released

Released 2015

FLACCID has been bringing our unique blend of rock, funk, and improvisation to Central Illinois for over 3 years. Blending our heartfelt, original music with seasoned covers, the five of us want nothing more than to express our love of music to people, wherever we happen to be. Live, we bring a high energy performance in which we aim to push the boundaries of the jam-rock genre, endowing our listeners with music that serves as a source of personal reflection. While many bands happily tug at the heartstrings, our music wears our heart on its sleeves, aiming to express the timeless, universal joys and sorrows of the human condition. 

Track listing:

  1. Finer Unrefined
  2. Groove Thang
  3. No Going Back
  4. Get The Fuck Out