Florence Dore- Highways & Rocketships

Florence Dore- Highways & Rocketships

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Label: Propeller

Released 3/17/2023

Savvy and Insightful Americana Songwriter Florence Dore Returns with First New Album in 21 Years - Highways & Rocketships Out June 10. Produced by Dore & Don Dixon; Recorded by Mitch Easter. Features Jeremy Chatzky (Springsteen) on bass, Peter Holsapple (The dB's) on guitar, Will Rigby (The dB's) on drums and Mark Spencer (Son Volt) on guitar. Professor by day and rock star by night, Florence Dore has been dwelling in the space between music and literature for most of her adult existence. All the different strands of her life and career come together on Highways & Rocketships, her first solo album in 21 years. 

Track listing:

  1. Highways & Rocketships
  2. Sweet To Me
  3. Rebel Debutante
  4. Cue The Spotlight
  5. Thundercloud
  6. End Of The World
  7. Greed
  8. Lighter
  9. WiFi Heart
  10. And The Lady Goes