Forfeit- Perennial

Forfeit- Perennial

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Label: Soylent Green

Released 2017


FORFEIT’s Perennial throws itself between heartache and hope with guitars tearing from delicate arpeggios to fuzzed out walls of sound, while desperate singing brings you inside the yearning of Perennial’s stories. This recalls the raw exuberance of the mid-90s midwestern scene, but isn’t nostalgia or imitation. Perennial barrels forward with breakneck speed.  Wearing past and present influences on its sleeve, this album pays homage to Forfeit’s predecessors while definitively carving out their own sound and place among their peers. Taking the title of Perennial literally, this is an enduring record: one that is both familiar, new, and everlasting. Grief. Pain. Despair. Forfeit.

Track listing:

  1. Remains
  2. Perennial
  3. Moirai
  4. Come Home
  5. The Descent
  6. Vanitas
  7. Caving
  8. Ascension
  9. Witness
  10. Illusory
  11. Fractured
  12. My Body As A House For Flies