Frankie Rose- Seventeen Seconds

Frankie Rose- Seventeen Seconds

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Label: Night School

Released 7/29/2022

Night School is proud and excited to team up with FRANKIE ROSE (VIVIAN GIRLS) to reissue her much loved 2017 interpretation of The Cure’s masterpiece Seventeen Seconds. Packaged with new, artist approved artwork, Frankie Rose’s Seventeen Seconds is the art of the cover album done right. "Since I already think it's a perfect record, I tried not to reinterpret too much and stick to similar sounds as the original, but with a twist.” Edition of 300 on exclusive clear vinyl. 

Track listing:

  1. A Reflection
  2. Play For Today
  3. Secrets
  4. In Your House
  5. Three
  6. The Final Sound
  7. A Forest
  8. M
  9. At Night
  10. Seventeen Seconds