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Freakons- Freakons

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Label: Fluff & Gravy

Released 3/25/2022

Mekons + Freakwater = FREAKONS !! Mekons (beloved, mythical British rabble-rousing beast) and Freakwater (also beloved, yet often derided as godmothers of Alt-Country) have allied their sundry song & dance talents for the forces of good. Together they are FREAKONS, and they have joined forces to sing songs about coal mining, of all things. Oddly, Freakwater and Mekons were bound to each other at the start, by the rich seam of Anthracite coal running the width of the Atlantic Ocean from Wales to the Appalachian Mountains. The music and culture of mineral resource extraction, ecological disaster, and worker exploitation are their shared heritage. FREAKONS is the first fruit of this visionary musical union.

Track listing:

  1. Dark Lords of the Mine
  2. Chestnut Blight
  3. Abernant 84/85
  4. Julie Belle Thompson
  5. Canaries
  6. Blackleg Miner
  7. Phoebe Snow
  8. The Mannington Mine Disaster
  9. Never Thought I'd See the Day
  10. Dreadful Memories
  11. Coorie Doon
  12. Blue Scars of a Miner