From Autumn To Ashes- Holding A Wolf By The Ears

From Autumn To Ashes- Holding A Wolf By The Ears

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Label: Vagrant

Reissued 4/29/2022, Originally released 2007

2007's Holding A Wolf By The Ears is the fourth studio album from Long Island's From Autumn to Ashes. Many look at the band as one of the first to introduce a melodic voice into their music to offset the murderous screaming that brings the band's heaviness to the forefront. That ying-yang vocal style has since been copied by hundreds of bands around the world, none of whom can match FATA's song writing and catchy hooks. The album also brought about a change to the band's lineup. Original main vocalist Ben Perri left the band, bringing drummer Fran Mark out from behind the kit. Mark had always handled the vocals for the softer, more harmonious side of the songs, but here he got to showcase his incredible talent for screaming as well. Holding A Wolf By The Ears is heavier, darker, and more evil than any of the band's previous work.

Track listing:

  1. Deth Kult Social Club
  2. On The Offensive
  3. Recounts And Recollections
  4. Daylight Slavings
  5. Delusions Of Grandeur
  6. Sensory Deprivation Adventure
  7. Everything I Need
  8. Underpass Tutorial
  9. Love It Or Left It
  10. Travel
  11. A Goat In Sheeps Rosary
  12. Pioneers