Fucked Up- Hidden World

Fucked Up- Hidden World

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Label: Get Better

Reissued 12/2/2022, Originally released 2006

FUCKED UP’s second reissue for Get Better Records is cloaked in shades of unconventional aesthetics, symbolic overtones and a self-proclaimed “culture of confusion.” Hidden World, the band’s first full length studio album, marks a turning point for the mysterious Toronto band, transcending the boundaries of punk with melody, aggression, expansive structures and enigmatic diatribes on what lies underneath the immediate, visualized World. FUCKED UP combine confrontational ideologies with deliberate misinformation to produce a brutal analysis on thought provocative punk. In a word, FUCKED UP and Hidden World is dangerous and unpredictable in a time when punk has become a manufactured commodity.

Track listing:

  1. Crusades 
  2. David Comes To Life 
  3. Invisible Leader 
  4. Carried Out To The Sea 
  5. Baiting The Public 
  6. Fate Of Fates 
  7. Two Snakes 
  8. Hidden World 
  9. Manqueller Man 
  10. Blaze Of Glory 
  11. Triumph Of Life 
  12. Jacobs Ladder 
  13. Vivian Girls