Gang of Four- A Brief History of the

Gang of Four- A Brief History of the

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Label: Warner Bros. / Rhino

Reissued 2018, originally released 1990

Formed in 1977 by Leeds University students, GANG OF FOUR produced some of the most exhilarating and lasting music of the early English post-punk era of 1978-1983. Fueled by the fury of punk rock and radical political theory, GANG OF FOUR successfully welded the two in an inspired display of polemics and music that addressed the vagaries of life in the modern world (including love and romance) as matters of political inquiry. What made GANG OF FOUR's polemical clang'n'roll so compelling was that it worked as harsh, bracing, and ultimately liberating rock & roll. With Allen and Burnham combining as a formidable and frequently very funky rhythm section, Gill didn't play guitar as much as emit thick wads of semi-tuneful distortion, while King "sang" in a dry, declamatory fashion similar to that of the FALL's Mark E. Smith. They have always remained, to the ears of those opened wide by punk rock, an extremely important band. LPx2+ - Clear Colored Double LP.

Track Listing:

  1. At Home He's A Tourist 3:32
  2. Damaged Goods 3:28
  3. Natural's Not In It 3:06
  4. Not Great Men 3:06
  5. Anthrax 4:23
  6. Return The Gift 3:06
  7. It's Her Factory 3:09
  8. What We All Want (Live) 5:11
  9. Paralysed 3:22
  10. A Hole In The Wallet 3:24 
  11. Cheeseburger 4:07
  12. To Hell With Poverty! 4:37
  13. Capital (It Fails Us Now) 4:03
  14. Call Me Up 3:36
  15. I Will Be A Good Boy 3:10
  16. The History Of The World 4:39
  17. I Love A Man In A Uniform 4:07
  18. Is It Love 4:34
  19. Womantown 4:31  
  20. We Live As We Dream, Alone 3:38