Gentle Sinners- These Actions Cannot Be Undone

Gentle Sinners- These Actions Cannot Be Undone

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Label: Rock Action

Released 10/21/2022

Two of Rock Action Record's renowned singer/songwriters have joined forces to create Gentle Sinners - a one-off project by James Graham of The Twilight Sad and Aidan Moffat (embargoed information 03/17/2022) of Arab Strap and a superstar in his own right. Ultimately, different to their day job bands, Gentle Sinners brings James' trademark Scottish singing voice with Aidan on the music and production side to create a more experimental electronic sound than we are used to hearing from them. The album was recorded remotely from each other during the recent pandemic lock downs as they now live on different sides of Scotland and having been friends for years, it was a way for them to keep in touch after having no idea when they would be able to see each other, play live again or what both their bands would be able to do next. Aidan wanted to make music for other people to sing to and after watching the Billie Eilish Documentary on DisneyPlus was inspired to experiment more with music. Gentle Sinners is named of after a phrase "gentle sin" in Romeo & Juliet, where the rules of etiquette are broken with a cheeky wink of the eye. Hardcore fans of The Twilight Sad and Arab Strap will be keen to hear what these gentlemen have been up to so we expect this to appeal to their fanbase.

Track listing:

  1. Waiting For Nothing 
  2. Killing This Time 
  3. Let Them Rot
  4. The Cries 
  5. Date & Sign 
  6. Rent Free 
  7. Shores Of Anhedonia 
  8. Face To Fire (After Nyman) 
  9. Don't Say Goodnight 
  10. Landfill